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August's Crystal of the Month: Citrine

As August dawns, the heat of summer is still with us and the fields are bursting with growth and ready for harvest. This is a time to embrace the outdoors, rejoice in the warmth and sunlight, fill our hearts with gratitude and appreciate the abundance that is all around us, inspired by an ancient sacred celebration called Lammas.

In honor of this harvest and abundance celebration, our crystal of the month is citrine.  We'll offer this crystal on special this month at our boutique, open before and after yoga classes as well as other hours as the spirit moves, so check the Facebook page regularly! 

Citrine is well-known as a potent healing crystal, used to help manifest abundance and prosperity. It is most commonly associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and can be used to cleanse all the chakras. Citrine activates and energizes the Solar Plexus Chakra, directing personal power and creativity to enhance the physical body. It can help with fear and anxiety. I put mine under my pillow to shoo away nightmares, bring good sleep, and keep my dreams with me. Citrine can increase self-discipline and attract success and wealth. Often called the “merchant stone,” place one in your purse or wallet to help attract and maintain wealth. 

Citrine loves to be in the sun, carrying that power along with happiness and energizing warmth. Highly protective, citrine doesn't hold negative energy, but instead transforms negative into positive. Because of this, it is said that citrine doesn't need to be cleansed. I tend to think to cleanse or not to cleanse yours is personal decision. I like to cleanse all my crystals and for citrine, I simply soak it in water. If you are looking to add more abundance in your life, try adding citrine to your drinking water. Be mindful not to swallow your crystal! We are so thankful for the many blessings and love sent to us in this new season of our lives.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to breathe this magical space into existence. The Lavender Hour is a dream come true. This isn't a business for us, this is about building a community and holding space to cultivate connections, support each other and simply scatter joy. It would not exist without your love and support. We are here to help you manifest you dreams and love you all so much. 

Happy Lammas!!  Happy Manifesting!!!

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