•  Quartz Lemurian can help you connect with your true self, valued in meditation, said to clear and balance all the body's chakras and may assist in finding spiritual growth opportunities. 
•   Sage burns with a fragrant smoke that can be used to spiritually cleanse yourself or your spaces. 
•   Elderberry Syrup has been used for centuries as a home remedy and to build immune health.
•   Healthy Hippie Immune Support Roller combines frankincense, lavender, copaiba, lemon, tea tree and sweet orange essential oils for natural immune support. 
•   Full Moon Tea is a hand-blended tea set from Misty’s Mystique Tribe. Features catnip, chamomile, and peppermint


(Initial bundles featured: Crown and Root Chakra Tea is a hand-blended tea set from Misty’s Mystique Tribe. Crown Chakra tea includes lavender, St. John’s Wort, chamomile, and mugwart. Root Chakra tea includes licorice root, valerian root, lavender, and burdock root; currently out of stock


•  Black Tourmaline Necklace plus Stone is a powerfully protective crystal that transmutes negative energy into positive energy, one of few that addresses all levels: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.
•  Red Jasper is grounding stone and is known as the supreme nurturer, it gives a rush of life force energy. Inspires a positive, joyful attitude and helps cure creative blocks.
•  Citrine, a potent healing crystal, is used to help manifest abundance and prosperity as well as direct personal power and creativity to enhance the physical body.
•  Selenite Palm Stone is fast and effective at auric cleansing. It clears energy blockages, induces energetic alignment, facilitates healing and lifts awareness to higher planes of consciousness. Excellent for creating energy grids. Engraved with flower of life or mandala. 
•  Epidote helps by bringing more of what you already have: by sending love, you receive love and overcome negativity. It encourages a  positive emotional state to support general healing.
•  Dragon's Blood Oil is a potent oil known to be effective for protection, love and cleansing.   



• Rose Quartz is a stone of universal harmony and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. 
• Green Calcite is a multi-vitamin of the soul, a strong energy amplifier. Used for creativity and spiritual insight, to soaks up toxic emotions and promote prosperity.
• Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that nurtures outward love. This stone is one of altruism and generosity. It grounds energy and balances.
• Strawberry Quartz carries all the energies of a clear quartz, with the additional vibrations of universal love and can be used to amplify intentions of generosity and calm.
• Plus: a crystal ball sun catcher, Happy Hippie Spray, and heart chakra incense



• Lepidolite is a stone of transition, helping with stress and worry when life feels turbulent and overwhelming,  the release of old behavioral and psychological patterns, gently inducing change.
•  Rainbow Fluorite clears emotional confusion, cluttered thoughts and negativity while balancing the third eye chakra. It is said to aid in dispelling confusion, dishonesty, and anxiety about the future.
•  Smoky Quartz amplifies the energy of all the stones surrounding it. It teaches you how to
leave behind anything that no longer serves you.  
• Rainbow Chakra Necklace symbolizes the seven energy centers in the body and the necklace is intended to help align, open and balance the entire chakra system.
• Ebb and Flow Spray combines lavender, eucalyptus and cypress oils to help relax and release.
•  Plus:  Lavender Sachet, and your choice of Nag Champa or Lavender Incense

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